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CBS talks about promoting Strikeforce

With Strikeforce’s CBS debut now under 20 days away, many are wondering how it will fare on the ratings side of things. A lot of that depends on CBS actually informing people that mixed martial arts is on the network and they’ve got a nice little show for everyone on November 7th. The above video is what’s been offered up so far, but for those who are feeling a little underwhelmed, don’t worry! Senior Executive Vice President Kelly Kahl wants to assure you that CBS is super cereal about promoting the event:

The network ran several 10-second spots for the event during the past two weekends of NFL coverage, the first salvo in what Kahl said was the start of a comprehensive campaign. He said the network was assembling footage for new promotional spots and said the volume – and scope – of advertising would be increasing shortly, expanding to cable, radio, and the web.

The NFL ads, he said, were “pretty valuable.”

“We do this for most of our shows,” he said. “You tease a little, and add information and length and frequency as you get closer to the event.”

Kahl said future spots would delve deeper into Emelianenko’s legend, and others featuring Rogers and co-headliners Jason “Mayhem” Miller and Jake Shields would air as well. sources said an in-depth preview show similar to Showtime’s “Fight Camp 360” was also in the works for the Nov. 7 event.

I wish I could tell you with more certainty that CBS did a great or terrible job promoting EliteXC events but all I can remember is them doing a vaguely okay job I guess sorta. But it’ll be a lot easier for them to advertise the event this time around since football season is underway. Even your standard retarded TV executive can understand that MMA ads during football games are a smart way to go. So let’s sit back and really soak up the job CBS does this time. They’ve laid out the gameplan. Let’s see if they actually follow through.