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CBS: “Ratings? Whaddevah”

MMAWeekly has an interview with some relevant CBS executive who seemed relatively unconcerned about the ratings issue all of us have been transfixed on:

Because Saturday nights don’t command the ratings of weekdays, Kahl is taking a gamble on EliteXC’s ability to capture the coveted 18-34 demographic. He says one indicator of the program’s success, ad sales, have been strong so far. But the most important sign of life, ratings, are a gray area. What would be a record-breaking audience for mixed martial arts could still ensure a one-way trip to cancellation on network time.

“It’s going to be a wait and see thing,” Kahl said. “This is the first time anybody’s done this, so we don’t really have a benchmark on network TV.”

My translation: they don’t want to give a ‘successful’ benchmark rating in case it comes at the expense of Gina Carano suffering a Sean Salmon KO/seizure or a David Heath bleeder incident. Barring an incident like that, insiders have quietly said that anything in the ballpark of 3 million peeps would be considered a success.

  • Ned says:

    Everyone who claims to be an MMA fan should turn on the fight, even if they are not going to watch. There needs to be a push against UFC otherwise we will be permanently watching Dana White and Joe Rogan talk like they now everything. Dana is an aerobics instructor with a billionaire for a friend. That’s it. No business acumen, no fight skills, no class….

  • catch says:

    That’s not how ratings are calculated, unless you have a Nielsen box it doesn’t mean shit if you watch or not.

  • Yeah the Nielsen system is so fucked … it’s worse than the music charts as far as bullshit goes.

  • godzillad says:

    Heath/Babalu was nowhere near as bad as Stevenson/Edwards and sure as hell not jack shit compared to Dewees/Ray.

  • Dewees was fine … he was bleeding like shit but at least he wasn’t getting the fuck beaten out of him while spashing his blood all over the place. Don’t remember Stevenson / Edwards though