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CBS is the chicken

Adam Swift from MMA Payout rocks. He is for the business side of MMA what Fightlinker is for the funny side of MMA. So instead of talking about horse cock, he breaks down shit like the CBS/EliteXC deal in a way even us horse cock loving bloggers can understand. Check out some excerpts from his latest summary of the situation:

“The CBS deal didn’t work for us,” White said recently. “At the end of the day, listen, when you are talking about a show like ProElite or any of these other shows, they will give up their right (expletive) to get on television. They will give away everything to be on TV.”

This statement, along with statements by Top Rank’s Bob Arum, seem to confirm what has reported before, that the ProElite-CBS deal more closely resembles a quote-unquote “time buy” than either side is anxious to admit. There is no shame in that fact, while the UFC as the questioned industry leader is in position to hold out for creative control and a fairer financial deal, ProElite, as the challenger who had been largely treading water at best, had nothing to lose and everything to gain by making a deal with CBS by any means necessary.

Actually, a time buy is kinda embarrassing. Basically it means EliteXC is giving it away for free. And while some might think that it’s better to be a slut than a whore, at the end of the day both are looked down upon but at least the whore’s got money in pocket. To me, I’m dubious of how supportive the network is really going to be when they’re not even willing to pay for the product. And it all comes down to support: will CBS push EliteXC hard to help them draw viewers or will they leave that up to the MMA promotion to pull off?

One of the biggest overlooked factors in the ultimate success of the entire venture is how much promotional money CBS will put behind the events? Will the network fully embrace the sport with a major integrated rollout or simply shove EliteXC into the television wasteland of Saturday night to sink or swim on its own?

Early indications from inside the network and CBS’s financial investment in the company suggest that if EliteXC fails it won’t be for lack of network support. However, the structure of the deal reveals a strong, but fluid relationship between the two companies. CBS is invested in ProElite, but not truly committed. Look at your breakfast plate for the difference. The chicken is invested, but the pig is committed.

If you don’t get that reference you haven’t been watching enough Grey’s Anatomy. Basically the chicken provides the eggs and the pig provides the bacon. While the chicken can just walk away from the breakfast when it pulls shitty ratings, the pig doesn’t exactly have the same option. Gary Shaw is the pig. Hehe.

  • godzillad says:

    Grey’s Anatomy? Is that the one with the stupid voiceovers narrating everything? Fuck that, I’mma go watch Scrubs.

  • stink47 says:

    Scrubs – the one programme that shows you sitcoms don’t have to be funny

  • Xavier says:

    Ha, time buy = fail. There has never been a promotion, MMA, wrestling, boxing… or otherwise… that has ever actually succeeded long-term on a time buy. I guess Shaw thinks with being on CBS that he’ll then have a way to break into the PPV market. He better hope his shows are awesometacularextremo because that’s a long-shot.

    Once again, Swift succeeds where the rest of the so-called retarded “MMA journalists” fail. Too bad there’s only one Adam Swift and so many Sam Craplan’s and Luke Thomas’s.

  • Steve4192 says:


    The first season of TUF was a time buy. SpikeTV didn’t invest shit until after the UFC proved itself worth investing in.

  • I’d actually emailed someone asking about that … been waiting on the answer before writing an article on Dana’s latest rants.

  • Steve4192 says:

    Not only was it a time buy, but IIRC the UFC had to foot the bill for the production costs too.

    Of course, the UFC’s circumstances were completely different at the time. They were on the verge of going out of business and TUF was their last ditch attempt to save the company. Accepting shitty terms is perfectly acceptable when your only other option is to go out of business, and I think that was the point the Dana was trying to make.

    The UFC is no longer in such a precarious financial position, so they can afford to stick to their guns and drive a hard bargain. EliteXC does not have that luxury.

  • Xavier says:

    The first season of TUF was a time buy. SpikeTV didn’t invest shit until after the UFC proved itself worth investing in.”

    Huge differences abound…

    UFC didn’t already have a television partnership, EliteXC does with Showtime. UFC didn’t put on straight fights, they put on a reality show, which is a tad easier to suck people into. Lastly, it wasn’t that expensive a proposition for a time-buy. EliteXC is going to have to drop ponies-full of cash making sure their cards are stacked with quality guys so they can keep people’s attention… UFC put a bunch of unpaid guys into a house and filmed it.

    So you’re correct that a time-buy CAN work, but to compare what the UFC did with TUF vs. far more expensive cards being put on by EliteXC is apples and oranges.

  • Captain says:

    Grey’s Anatomy? And you dare to call Josh Barnett a dork.

  • it makes it sound like an Elite XC infomercial