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CBS commits to another show, but will it happen?

Everyone is still waiting for the dust to settle on this weekend’s event, wondering if the ratings did well enough to ‘save’ EliteXC from impending doom. Some are saying no, ratings weren’t hot enough. Others are saying yes, numbers were good and EliteXC will move forward with another show:

[CBS Senior Executive Vice President for Primetime] Kahl was also asked to address speculation that a decision in regards to televising a fourth MMA event on CBS was contingent upon the performance of this Saturday’s show.

“I think we were planning on a fourth event in any case,” Kahl responded. “I think a lot of these comments seem to come from people not at all informed about the situation. We have a four fight deal and we were already planning ahead. These numbers just make us that much more excited about it.”

So long story short, the deal was for 4 events and 4 events is what CBS is still committing to. But that ignores another issue: EliteXC is out of fucking money. A recent stock filing basically implied that unless more funding comes in, ProElite doesn’t have to worry about scheduling an Xmas party this year. So when CBS says “Sure, we’ll go ahead with another show!”, do they realize that EliteXC won’t be able to put a show together without another infusion of cash?

That’s the reason everyone is looking at the situation so carefully: ProElite needs people to get into bed with it, or it’s not going to make it. In the context of having another show, the ratings for EliteXC Heat may not have been that bad. But in the context of deciding if EliteXC has a viable future with big growth potential … eeh, not so much.