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Casino union blocking MMA in New York

MMAPayout has an insane article regarding the legalization of MMA in New York and how it’s being blocked by a hotel and casino union  over the Fertitta’s resistance to unionizing their fucking casinos:

The union’s opposition to sanctioning is the result of its failed efforts to unionize the Fertitta’s Station Casinos in Las Vegas. The Culinary Union Local 226, the Las Vegas local of UNITE HERE, is the largest local of the union in the United States and it’s most politically potent. However, it has failed to crack into the locals casino market in the city, one dominated by Station Casinos which is the last major non-union company in Las Vegas.

The family owned Station Casinos has long been staunchly open shop, but its relations with UNITE HERE took a turn for the worse with the company’s purchase of a union casino in 2000. Station fired 1,000 union workers and required them to reapply for their jobs. Only 150 were rehired according to union officials.

The union’s efforts to stop the Fertitta’s efforts in New York go back several years. The group’s close ties to members of the Tourism committee, as well as the assembly at large, were instrumental in stopping the push to sanction MMA. A source familiar with the union’s efforts told, “(UNITE HERE) is probably the only thing standing in the way of MMA being sanctioned in New York.”

As is with most people, I’m all for unions but the second they try and drag me in the middle I get pissed the fuck off. Now UNITE HERE is directly fucking with the growth of mixed martial arts as a backdoor means to put pressure on cocksucking casinos.

Perhaps if this was a sane effort to try and force the unionization of Station Casinos I might be willing to go along with them. But from what I can see, this is just a petty measure that’s designed not to bring about change but to hurt the bottom line of the union’s enemy. And again, who cares about the collateral damage? You know, all the fighters in New York, all the money that would be brought to the state? There are plenty of promoters that have NOTHING to do with Station Casinos that aren’t able to hold events in New York because of this.

And perhaps I’m being naive here, but how can you not be upset about a union putting forward bullshit misinformation and opposition to MMA … not because they’re actually concerned about the sport, but for completely political reasons. This shit pisses me off to no end, and when we hear more about MMA in New York coming up for vote again I’m going to make sure everyone knows what we’re up against and how we’re gonna make sure MMA doesn’t get dragged down for bullshit reasons.