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Carwin blew his load

Shane Carwin’s camp is still trying to give a legit sounding excuse for why his body failed him and ruined his chance at becoming UFC heavyweight champ at UFC 116:

“We don’t want it to come off sounding like an excuse. Shane had the 100-percent best camp he’s ever had coming into a fight and it shouldn’t diminish Brock’s victory in any way,” Carwin’s manager, Jason Genet, told

“But what happened, what caused the shutdown, was lactic acidosis. It just comes from exploding like he was doing, not properly breathing, and not having your body prepared for it.”

In laymen’s terms, Carwin was pushing himself to such an extreme in trying to finish Lesnar with his relentless ground and pound that the lactic acid that built up in his muscles reached a level that was too much for his body to handle, thus it started to shutdown.

So in even more lay layman’s terms, he blew his load. Funny, everyone keeps saying this in various ways as if it’s supposed to mean something different. I guess ‘premature deposition of seminal fluids’ does sound better than jizzing all over the place as soon as you get excited, so I don’t blame them for trying to science it up to sound less embarrassing.

(pic via MMA Junkie)