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Carlos Condit isn’t invincible

Nearly everyone is all over Carlos Condit’s nuts after his gutsy win last night, declaring that there’s simply no one left for him to face in the WEC. I disagree, and so does

Several times, Condit could’ve similarly surrendered on the receiving end of clean punches from the one-time middleweight, but didn’t. That’s why Condit is a champion and Miura isn’t, both tonight and in general.

However, before the fight Condit made clear that he didn’t feel like Miura should be on the other side of the cage from him. Isn’t that always the preface to a brutal back-and-forth battle?

Condit sits on the precipice of the welterweight top ten; and, now, Miura sits on a 9-5 record. Condit was dumped on the mat thrice in the first round alone, swept from the mount consistently, and tagged with clean power shots from Miura. Should Miura have been such a challenge?   Untested at the top of the division, Condit’s “W” only exposed how far the rising star has to go.

Props to Condit, he did display the heart of a champion by not giving up. But goddamn did Miura ever judo-threw him around and reverse him several times like a total noob. Before this fight, I’d have been one of the people agreeing that Condit doesn’t really have any challenges left in the WEC. Now it seems like Condit’s invincible veneer has come off a bit. I’m wondering if Brock Larson didn’t just get caught in their first encounter. And I’m wondering who else is going to come along out of nowhere with the right unorthodox style to give Condit more fits.