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Carano calls press conference denying fame, irony gods angered

Did you ever have to call a press conference in order to try and deny your own fame? Gina Carano is not your average fighter. The fact that anyone actually shows up whenever she takes a verbal bowel movement is impressive to say the least. She’s made substantial coin for herself based solely on the fact that she is, for better or worst, the face of women’s MMA. But her statement now that she is “only a fighter” is more than annoying; it’s fucking stupid.

In a way, I can understand that she’s feeling a lot of pressure. Her opponent Kelly Kobald isn’t a walk in the park. Although this isn’t the fight most people wanted to see (apparently, EliteXC thinks they’ll survive long enough to make the Cyborg fight a pay-per-view thang), Kobold isn’t a guaranteed win. Gina must be sensing all those haters that are just waiting to see her finally fall, and the extra weight of the title would only make the fall from grace that much more painful.

But holding a press conference to tell people something everyone has already made up their minds about is retarded. It’s the equivalent of flipping the bird “Diaz style” to every person who’s supported her along the way. It reminds me of every annoying fucking celebrity that complains about their fame, pinning for a “normal life”. These are the same assholes that live in million dollar mansions and eat caviar off nude models.

Forget the fact that if she was anyone else, not one fucking media outlet would have bothered to show up. The fact is she’s been given a golden ticket to Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory and is complaining that she’s gained some weight from the visit. Speaking of weight Gina, remember that if it wasn’t for your name, your gross incompetence at making weight would not have so easily been forgiven.

Just enjoy the fame while it lasts, and when you do meet the best female fighters and get your ass beaten, the title you seem to despise will melt right off of you. Now, if only the pounds you keep putting on could go so easily, no?