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Capoeira is awesome / useless

About the only positive things I can say about capoeira is that it looks cool and probably gets you tons of pussy. But as a fighting style, it’s about as practical as spinning around with your arms outstretched hoping you’re going to hit your opponent. Which is why I find it annoying when someone tries to sell the idea of it being effective in MMA, like the UFC is trying to do while hyping Andre Gusmao:

Next time you’re surfing around video sites like, type in the word ‘Capoeira’ and see what comes up. Now imagine those moves in a mixed martial arts fight. Tough sell, eh? Well, follow that up by typing in the name ‘Andre Gusmao’, and then you’ll see what Capoeira can do in a fight.

“Capoeira is very difficult to explain,” said Gusmao, a Professor of the art as well as an unbeaten (5-0) light heavyweight making his UFC debut against Jon Jones this Saturday night at UFC 87. “What I can say is that Capoeira involves not only kicks and punches, but some acrobatic movements as well. It is a type of martial art that was created by the slaves in Brazil in their fight for freedom, so it’s very aggressive, and at the same time graceful.”

Unfortunately, what comes up on Youtube doesn’t show what Capoeira can do in a fight. Above is the main video you find when searching for “Andre Gusmao Capoeira”, and you don’t see him use one move from the dance (because that’s what it really is) in his real MMA fights. Again, it’s all pretty fucking cool stuff – skip to two minutes in to see Gusmao jamming with other Capoeira artists – but that shit is just useless in a real fight. Didn’t we all learn that after watching Bloodsport, for fucks sake???

More fun with Capoeira:
” target=”_blank”>Capoeira in a real fight (with the predictable result)
” target=”_self”>Capoeira in a fake fight (with the predictable awesomeness)

  • Capo says:

    I dont know.Capoeira is made like that to put your opponent off guard.When you start doing the ginga,the opponent will probably laugh.If you trained for a yer or two your kick should have a good enough aim tio splat his head.The moves maybe easily seen if you are familiar with it but a surprise like that and the capoerista would end up calling an ambulance for his opponent.And if you are a mestre your moves become so fast that it is riksy for the opponent to try to punch/kick cause of the high chance it would brake his arm.The kick REALLY ARE powerfull.But it is difficult to aim a moving target. But if a good mma fighter were familiar with the technique he d probablly win. But if not,Capoeira would win by element of surprise.