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Caol Uno back to the Octagon

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MMA Junkie lays it down:

A source close to the negotiations today told that former UFC lightweight contender and recent DREAM fighter Caol Uno (27-11-4 MMA, 3-3-1 UFC) will take on UFC veteran Spencer Fisher (22-4 MMA, 7-3 UFC) at the June event. Verbal agreements are in place, and the fight is expected to be finalized shortly, the source said.

The signs all pointed to Caol coming back to the cage and now it seems official. This is some pretty big news that people are overlooking. Not just because Dana made good on a promise, but because Uno is one of the world’s top Lightweights. Besides Aoki, the guy’s only losses in the last four years are VERY fishy decisions to JZ Calvancante and Andre Dida and a cut stoppage. Caol has had his share of ” target=”_blank”>ups and downs but he’s a bad man that will start putting Ls on records. Not very many people expected him to get past Ishida in the DREAM GP but he ran a train on him and eventually won with a sleeper hold. Say what you will but the guy still has gas in his tank; very capable of doing damage in the UFC.

The guy has some Epcot Centers in his pants too, he will fight ANYONE. Back when he totally psyched us out in early 2007, his return opponent was none other than Joe Stevenson when he was on an impressive winning streak at 155. Spencer Fisher is a tough man. Seriously, he wouldn’t look out of place if he was in Predator. He’s slick (triangle’d Thiago Alves) and smart (didn’t trade with Stephens); Uno won’t bring anything he hasn’t seen before but two vets in the cage with 66 combined fights is what having a good match up is all about, dap to Joe Silva for putting it together. I’d wager Uno / Fisher will get the grassroots hype machine going in the next few months and the battle lines will be drawn between TUF newbs and Weeaboos.

It’s early but I’ll break the fight down now. I’m going to call an Uno win. I think his fantastic wrestling ability will make sure he doesn’t get Penn’ed / Franca’d again by Spencer’s power and the grappling game is relatively even. Although Caol was a runner-up in the ’99 ADCC tournament (losing one of the most ” target=”_blank”>fun grappling matches ever to Jean Jacques Machado), Spencer has that Jeremy Horn non-credentialed deftness on the ground which will turn this into a tit-for-tat scramble. I say the fight goes all fifteen minutes and both guys get additions to their highlight reels. This fight will be extra strength mind-blowing; quote me on that.

Well, barring Uno pulling a Huerta and going back to modeling:

P.S.: 2009 Fightlinker is light-miles ahead of 2003 Sherdog when it comes to quality writing. To wit:

Look on the bright side, though; if Caol does lose, he’ll have plenty of spare time to play Uno.