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Canseco all out of interest in North America

If you were wondering why Jose Canseco would agree to fight Hong Man Choi in Japan, here’s part of the reason from Bloody Elbow:

DREAM Super Hulk Tournament participant Jose Canseco held a press conference in Beverly Hills yesterday to discuss the Manny Ramirez steroid issue in Major League Baseball.

From the AP report: “Only one reporter from The Associated Press, Canseco’s lawyer, a photographer and four camera crews attended the news conference. All but two of the 100 seats were empty.”

Canseco is just the latest trainwreck to milk his North American appeal to death, only to move onto Japan where no one has realized he’s an irrelevant assface. I’d be eager to see him get his clock cleaned by Hong Man Choi but I can pretty much guarantee that fight is gonna last just long enough for Canseco to ‘earn’ his paycheck before he drops from some wonky shoulder punch or something.