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Canes, contest winners, etc.

With me being AWOL this past week there’s a few overdue things that need to be addressed:

The Cain Cane video: Still working on putting it together, it’s been a cavalcade of problems which is why it’s taking so long. I’ve had a nightmare of a time getting a damn proper cane and an equally hard time finding anyone willing to actually hit me with it on the internet. But I’ll get’r done this weekend if it has to be done with a goddamn tree branch and a hobo.

The T-Shirt Picture contest: This makes me sad. I think a lot of people didn’t send in their pictures because they thought they wouldn’t win this contest, and in the end I barely got any entries at all. So the guys from the first contest update – jackals Ben, James, and #1 Jackal –  all rolled into easy wins and new shirts.

The Facebook page contest: This went a bit better, with 200 peeps signing up to our new Facebook fan page over the past week. The three randomly selected winners are Tal Castro, Hieronymus Johansen, and Mike Nichols. I’ll be facebook fingering you guys to ask you what shirts you want.

I’ve got a new contest coming up in an hour or two with more shirts on the line, and it’s going to be a good one I think! So hopefully participation will be good, because I think we can stir some shit if it is! And thanks for your patience with everything while I took some time off.