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Can you handle women’s MMA, girly man?

There’s been a lot of debate over the past few days as to the handling of the Cris Cyborg – Jan Finney fight. There are many who think that the fight should have been stopped the second Finney started looking less like a sports competitor and more like some kind of worshiper at a shrine to getting punched in the back of the head. Others felt like ref Kim Winslow knew exactly what she was doing and did a great job of letting Cyborg pound on Jan for an extra 4 minutes of ultra-violence. And there’s there’s Nate Diaz, who thinks the only thing a female should be allowed to referee is a casserole cooking in the kitchen.

If you ask me (and I have to assume you do, because you’re not here for the tight site design and technology) I think the fight probably should have been stopped earlier, but no one would have given it a lot of thought if these fighters kept their reproductive organs in a handy sack between their legs instead of all up inside their butts (as I understand the female anatomy). Jan Finney is one tough she-dude, and she took a pretty savage beating. But these things happen in MMA, and everyone needs to stop being women about women fighting. Women are tough. Men have been wailing on them since the dawn of time, and they’ve been able to take that. So what’s some beats between women from (kinda) the same weight class?

The way people are whining now, you’d think they didn’t know this fight was booked specifically so Cyborg could tear someone’s head off and crap down their throat. And what? You didn’t like the throat crap part?

(The “Oh the Humanity” angle is represented after the jump with video)