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Can conehead win for the cornhuskers?

The UFC is fun … they’ll sign you up to a new long term contract on one week and then the next say you’re on the verge of getting fired the next. Such is the situation with Houston Alexander, who is either one of the most exciting fighters in the UFC right now or not deserving of a spot in the company, depending on what happens at UFC Fight Night tonight versus Eric Schafer.

I’m not gonna hold this against the UFC though … Houston has given us enough entertaining moments to justify a raise, be it only for one fight if he manages to lose against Schafer. Add the fact that Houston’s perma-pimping of Nebraska is probably a part of the reason why the UFC ventured into ‘cornhusker territory’, whatever the fuck that’s all about. We Canadians barely pay attention to our professional sports teams, let alone college and university shit. I always thought those institutions had something to do with getting an education. But hey, what do I know? Maths and speling for one thin.