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Calvin Ayre quits Bodog

Bodog has been looking like a fish gasping for air next to it’s fishbowl for a while, but now it seems like the final straw has come: Calvin Ayre has ‘retired’ from the company. There’s no real explanation on why this act is official proof that BodogFight is toast, although when you read this kind of thing you can assume it’s true:

Although no official word has yet emerged from Bodog, most sources indicate that Bodog Fight – the arm of the company that was involved in sponsoring and promoting mixed martial arts events – is all but defunct.

One executive, when asked recently what Bodog Fight was currently working on, told, “I’m sitting in an empty office.”

Again this is a situation where we’ve hated on these guys for so long, but now that they’re going under I feel maybe a tiny little bit bad. But then I remember how bad their product was and the fact that they were just doing it all as a ploy to develop their gambling empire and my heart hardens. If I’m not going to feel bad for a guy like Kalib Starnes who just torpedoed his career, why the hell should I give a shit about the fate of a multi-millionaire egotistical freak and his dumbass gambling company?