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Calling the UFC’s bluff

That’s what a lot of fighters seem to be doing in regards to the UFC’s blacklist threats over the Electronic Arts MMA game. From MMA Fanhouse:

Sobral’s also trying to expand his brand. He recently opened his own gym, Gracie Barra Cerritos in Cerritos, Calif., and hopes to add a second location soon. He also signed on to be part of the upcoming EA Sports MMA video game.

During UFC 100 weekend, UFC President Dana White made no bones about his feelings on the EA game, saying anyone who signed there would never fight in the UFC again. Sobral fought in the UFC 10 times between 2000-2007 before being released for disobeying a referee in refusing to release a choke hold in a timely manner in a UFC 74 win over David Heath. And while he seems satisfied with the arc of his career, he doesn’t think the door would be shut on a return to the octagon.

“Dana’s said other things, too,” he said. “He said [Mirko] Cro Cop will never fight in the UFC, and now he’s going to come back and fight in the UFC. He said that just a couple weeks ago.”

I’ve read slight variations on the same subject from several other fighters who are also appearing in the game. So now it should be fun to see who ends up in the thing and how long the UFC can stick to it’s guns and refuse to sign them. I’m betting they don’t even last a year before picking up at least one or two fighters. That’s not to say a few guys Dana doesn’t really like anyways aren’t gonna be made examples of, though.