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Cain Velasquez to beat the piss out of Heath Herring in Germany

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Heath Herring is the un-official gatekeeper for the UFC heavyweight division. Cain Velasquez needs a step up in competition after plowing through three sub-par opponents. So it makes sense that the organization has booked the two men to fight each other at UFC 99 in Germany.

Either Velasquez is going to break through to the top of the heavyweight division or Herring will remain relevant. Herring has shown that guys with solid wrestling are his kryptonite — and Velasquez is a two-time All-American — so don’t be surprised to see the AKA fighter get his hand raised.

The big question is what zany hairstyle ‘The Texas Crazy Horse’ will show up with. Will it be pink and blue with crazy zig-zags? Will it be red and purple with crazy zig-zags? How about black and green with crazy zig-zags? Or will he just shave “CAIN IS STOOPID” in the back of his head? I hope UFC 99 comes quick. The suspense is absolutely killing me.

Some have been critical of the UFC’s lack of clarity in the heavyweight division, or, more specifically, the fact that the “good” fighters are consistently matched up with “bad” fighters, and rarely fight each other. Couple the winner of Herring/Velasquez with whoever survives the Gonzaga/Carwin fight at UFC 96 and you get two very real contenders. And, to a lesser extent, the winner of the Kongo/Hardonk fight at UFC 97 will be on a pretty solid roll as well. Kongo’s pecs look like some type of man-implants and Hardonk is 3-0 since a 2007 loss to interim champ Frank Mir. Toss in whatever Randy, Cro Cop, and Nog do next (triple threat match?) and the fighter to challenge the winner of Lesnar/Mir II is a mystery — although the Gonzaga/Carwin winner makes the most sense. Either way, the heavyweight division is now a bit more interesting.