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Cages and name changes and sumo, oh my!

Both DREAM and Sengoku are trying to shake shit up over in Japan, and while I think a healthy regiment of non-shitty matchmaking is the cure to what ails the land of the rising sun, they have other ideas: DREAM is going to try a six sided cage and Sengoku is changing it’s name … to Sengoku Raiden Championships.

You can watch the VERY Japanese (aka strange) video announcing the cage at DREAM 12, and here’s more info on Sengoku’s oh so different new name, which I suppose IS pretty different if you’re one of the three people who called them by their gaijin name of World Victory Road:

Dubbed Sengoku Raiden Championship, the first show under the new banner will be held on Dec. 31 at the Ariake Coliseum in Tokyo.

“Raiden is a legendary man from 220 years ago,” World Victory Road General Director Takahiro Kokuho said, citing the iconic Edo period sumo wrestler. “We want to look to him and find the next Raiden, the next legend for this century.”

Man, out of all the choices from Raiden the god of thunder to Raiden the badass from Mortal Kombat, they had to choose Raiden the sumo wrestler. I suppose it’s fitting. The way these guys run their promotion, they seem more interested in judokas, wrestlers, and other kinds of athletes than actual mixed martial arts fighters.

Still, I don’t wanna be too hard on SRC (just trying it out). They did just put on an awesome card a few days ago with more dope bomb diggety grappling and finishes than you can shake a stick at.