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Cage Rage plans to move forward too

Yesterday we heard that King of the Cage plans to keep operating regardless of what’s up with ProElite. One way or another, the dude behind Cage Rage plans to keep on rolling with this MMA thing as well:

Dave O’Donnell, the one constant since its inception, told of the demise of the brand’s parent company, “For Cage Rage it is business as usual. The next show is Contenders. It’s still going ahead. I can tell you that much.”

An interesting statement, and one that begs the question: so if ProElite pull out of MMA with EliteXC, does that mean they are going to sell their umbrella brands back to their previous owners? “Put it this way, one way or another we will still keep going, maybe it’s eventually under another name, maybe it’s not, but we will still be here, that’s all I can say,” added O’Donnell.

It did seem that Cage Rage had been treading on water with the last card, but the upcoming Cage Rage 29 card had been shaping up to be a return to some of the previous competitive cards we have seen in its past. And love it or hate it, they had been targeting a new audience with the series on Nuts TV “Fighting Hurts.”

If you haven’t caught Fighting Hurts yet, you really need to watch it. It’s like someone took the Ultimate Fighter and said “This needs to be more like American Idol, but dumber.” Like most reality shows, it’s a guilty pleasure.

I’d just like to point out again how it’s interesting that all the small companies that were such massive failures under ProElite (Cage Rage reportedly to the tune of 18 million bucks) are now looking forward to moving on by themselves, confident that they’ll be able to make money again now that they’re free of corporate interference.