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Cage Rage needs a new graphic designer

Continuing the trend of big companies releasing substandard garbage, we’ve got Cage Rage with perhaps the ugliest piece of promotional shit I’ve ever seen. And that says a lot. I know everyone has a cracked copy of Photoshop on their computer nowadays, but how the hell did this get past quality control? I imagine the scenario going something like this:

“Hey check out this very cool poster I made for the next event, isn’t this like totally awesome?”

“Wow, it looks like totally kicking asses. This is like totally the most cutting edge design I’ve ever seen in my total life! I love the urine yellow background. It’s major dope.”

“Do you like the phat hip-hopper writing? I got it off of! Respect.”

“No way, I do not believe it. It is looks way too much professional to be free.”

“Yes way dude. Now lets go ass fuck each other!”

“It’s your turn to pitch.”

  • Miguel Sanchez says:

    whats wrong with the graphics? I dont see you making any better banned than cage rage… I just has to convey the information, fuck marketing.. marketing is what ruins fighting.. they fucking hype the shit up and nothing fuck happens, a la the arlovski vs sylvia and ortiz vs shamrock 2… wasted my fucking money..

    post more pics of Semtex’s GF..

  • I agree, this poster is crap though the card is pretty decent. I started laughing when I saw this the other day, looks like something I could have made in MS paint when I was 10.

  • Hehe the funny thing is i used to be a graphic designer and have done lots of better work in less than 10 seconds. The Fightlinker header, the Sprawl’n’brawl header, and tons of flyers for events all over the place. Now normally I’m not too picky … I understand the format is tricky so i cut people some slack. But come on bud … that poster is the worst piece of shit ever. I *want* cage rage to do well … so I make some noise when they fuck up.

    And I agree with UFCDaily, it’s a pretty sweet card.

  • intenso says:

    nah the Icon one is way worse.

  • Rex says:

    Piece of shit! My daughters diaper has prettier looking shit than that!

  • Jake says:

    I like how the event is called “Unbelievable”. Perhaps the poster is meant to be ironic, since i don’t believe any professional organization would ever dare make a giant diarrhea ad.

  • Jonathan says:

    That poster is from the 28.8bkps internet era!

    I love how they airbrushed the two fighters next to each other…classic I say…classic.

  • Big Fern says:

    that shit was pretty funny. what’s wrong with the posters? are you fukin stupid. i can piss better graphics in the sand!

  • Rory says:

    This is what is so comical about Cage Rage. The fights and the commentating are mostly excellent, while EVERYTHING ELSE is completely insulting and embarassing.

  • that poster is the worst.