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Cage Rage has some fun fights

This weekend’s Cage Rage features some interesting bouts for those of us who aren’t hardcore into the UK scene … Phil Baroni fighting at 170 and the return of Buzz Berry. These two bouts kinda tie together in a funny way … Buzz Berry was supposed to end up losing to Ken Shamrock when that fight was set up, and now you’ve got 3-2 Scott Jansen who’s been lined up for Baroni to smash. These kinda squash matches are pretty much par for the course with Cage Rage lately … there isn’t a star that EliteXC wants to build back up that they don’t send over to the UK to pound on some local guy.

Funny enough though, that’s not always the way things turn out. Buzz Berry knocked Ken Shamrock the fuck out. And I’d say Phil Baroni is ripe for another loss too … he’s on a three fight skid that included a ‘rebound’ fight against Kala “Kolohe” Hose. No matter how mediocre Scott Jansen is, I’d give him more than a decent chance of pulling off the upset just because Baroni has been fighting like a gas bag lately.

As for Buzz Berry, he’s going to be fighting a guy he was beating before an infection nearly killed him in the ring:

For those of you who do not know the history, Berry came out with all guns blazing and exposed holes in his opponent’s skill set. Despite a tremendous onslaught, Berry was unable to breathe after round one. He was subsequently taken to hospital and was in a terrible medical state as his body had started to shutdown and draw blood to protect his internal organs. Neil Grove was declared the winner.

More info on that incident here.