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Cage Rage fights for freedom

As more time passes, the unburied corpse of ProElite continues to get stinkier and stinkier. If someone doesn’t bury it soon, it’s gonna start belching rust-colored fumes that smell like eggs and puke ice. For now it looks like the fighters aren’t the only things that won’t be transfered in a potential sale. Cage Rage co-founder Andy Geer says that he never got paid in full for his promotion, so he’s trying to take it back:

“ProElite had entered into an agreement to purchase Cage Rage. A deal was struck with a deposit accepted. Then they had a cut-off date to make a balloon payment; they never completed the purchase,” he said.

“I am currently pursuing my legal right to the Cage Rage brand and assets in order to secure new backers and to build upon this mess in a positive light.”

Geer says ProElite still owe him in excess of $2 million under the terms of the buyout deal, not including amounts owed to co-founder Dave O’Donnell.

You might remember that the other co-owner of Cage Rage has already fucked off and started “Ultimate Challenge UK” (personally I think he should have called his company ‘Rage Cage’). So now it looks like there might be two UK promotions coming out of this mess where many feared there might be zero. And really, who couldn’t use two times the amount of scuzzy dirty MMA from the UK?