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Cage Potato > IFL

If you thought Jay Larkin sounding beat was a bad sign for the IFL, what do you think of this announcement on Cage Potato that their new writer left the promotion to work for them:

I’m told that I should introduce myself. My name is Ben Fowlkes, and as of today I am joining Cage Potato full-time as a writer. Why is that of interest to you? It probably isn’t, but Ben Goldstein suggested I let you all know who I am, so here goes.

Before this, I wrote for CBS Sportsline,, Crave Online, and occasionally for Five Ounces of Pain. I also wrote the blog The Fighting Life. I recently left the IFL to pursue a full-time gig here, which I am happy to do, having been an admirer of this site for some time.

Bloggers are like rats – when you see them jumping ship you know the ship is sinking. That’s pretty much the only reasoning I can figure for leaving a major promotion to write for a blog. Of course, Cage Potato isn’t exactly a ‘normal’ blog – they’ve got a corporate sugar daddy which is why they can afford to hire people full time. Honestly, I’m kind of offended that they never tried to buy me out. I guess my problem is that I often put off that “I won’t sell out” vibe when in truth I’ll bend backwards to pick up a dime. Although maybe it wouldn’t be a good fit … if I wasn’t allowed to write fuck shit cunt asslicking dick suck clam slapping dong, I think I’d explode.

Either way, if you can’t join them, beat them! Which is why I’m really going to enjoy making one of the two Bens drink piss or something equally terrible when I win the UFC84 bet we’re setting up.

  • x5BoltMainx says:

    Drink piss? He’ll just puke it back out. Now injecting it, that shit isn’t coming back out.

  • Ben says:

    All right, Fightlinker, I love your antics as much as anyone, but ‘bloggers are like rats’? Wow. I don’t know whether the IFL ship is sinking, but as an MMA fan and writer, I just got tired of writing the same stories about the same guys over and over and wanted to do something different. You should understand that as well as anyone. I mean, don’t you get tired of making the same dick jokes, using the same ‘I suck’ picture of Sean Sherk? Sure you do. Anyway, don’t read too much into it. As for drinking your piss, why don’t I just save time and drink some Canadian beer straight from the bottle? Somebody loan me nine dollars so I can buy one.

  • Tertio says:

    Ben is an awesome writer. Been reading thefightinglife for a while. His wife also has a blog (not MMA related at all, although she loves MMA, and is very funny and good looking)
    Anyways its good news for cagepotato fo sho.

  • garth says:

    ben also can lift a car and cure cancer with his tears.

  • Tertio says:

    FIGHTLINKER IS WRONG gave me cancer the other day. Maybe i should seek Fowlkes’s tears.

  • Lifer says:

    piss is a golden elixir. nature’s first medicine. you should be so lucky Ben.

  • Ah shit, Ben. This is why I rarely leave the house: I end up saying things that sound witty in my head but are just REALLY offensive :-p I wasn’t trying to call you a rat – I was just joking about bloggers being rats because of the current media vs blogger stuff that’s been goin round the past two days. Obviously that joke … did not come through!

    I’m perfectly willing to accept your reasoning for leaving since god knows writing about the IFL day in and day out would drive me to harder drugs or more drinking than I do now. Welcome to the funny side of MMA commentary, and I’d like to note that you’ll never get tired of dick jokes … they’ve been around since the cavemen and will continue to rock right up til the Rapture takes us all away!

  • Ben says:

    No problem, Fightlinker. If I were easily offended, I wouldn’t keep coming back here. I actually thought it was pretty funny.

    Thanks for the props, Tertio. Stay away from my wife.

  • jakey says:

    seriously other sites are shite – except for CP and mania. Used to like junkie but it got a bit worthy – all that sean salmon stuff and that performify guy who when it comes to gambling couldn’t pick his arse – bleugh!

  • Tony Spilotro says:

    If bloggers are like rats, than what is Josh Gross?

  • Peterw says:

    Fightlinker and CP are the only mma blogs I read, good laughs all round