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Cage cooking

A lot of stuff can go horribly wrong when you try to throw an MMA event. Some stuff is pretty obvious and avoidable so long as you’re not a sketchbag promoter. Other stuff just comes out of the blue and surprises you, like when venue lighting heats the cage canvas up to the point where it’s cooking skin off the bottom of a fighter’s foot:

“I think about two to three minutes into the first round we noticed the flap of skin kind of hanging off his toe. He went back to his corner and then came out for the second round and the flap of skin wasn’t on his toe anymore, it was on the ball of his foot. By the third round, it was easily a half-dollar sized flap of skin just kind of hanging there and bleeding everywhere.”

The culprit, it seems, was the lights. According to Addie, whose company joined with Full Force Fighting to put on the event that night, it was the first time the Paramount had hosted an MMA fight.

“It’s more of a music venue,” Addie explained. “[The Paramount] required that they use a certain staging company to do the lighting and all that. We actually own all our own lighting – LED lights and all that, so they don’t get too hot – but we had no choice. They used the good old-fashioned cam lighting, and it was a bit of overkill.”

Salas and Emerson were the last bout on an eleven-fight card, which meant that by the time they stepped in the cage the mat had been soaking in the heat of the stage lights for hours.

“It wasn’t like touching a burner hot, but it was uncomfortably hot,” said Salas. “I think it softened up the calluses on my foot and blistered it a bit, and then it just ripped off down to the middle of my foot.”

And that’s the barf-tastic post of the day. You’re welcome!