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Bye bye WEC welterweight division

A few days ago we passed along the info that Carlos Condit might be on his way to the UFC, effectively shutting down the WEC’s welterweight division with his parting. Since there was a few question marks on the story at the time, I thought I’d just point out that the move has been made official, and Condit will face Martin Kampmann at UFC Fight Night 18.

Also moved into the UFC is Brock Larson, who’ll be facing off with UFC virgin Jesse Sanders at … UFC Fight Night 18. While I do find it strange that both fighters are on the same card but not against eachother, it is cool to know that the UFC is moving fast with whatever semi-thought out plan they have for the WEC’s future. The sooner they get rid of all the overlapping divisions, the better.

So there you go, the WEC welterweight division goes out not with a bang but with a sprained wrist suffered by Carlos Condit.