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Bye bye Jerry Millen

Jerry Millen has officially quit his job as ‘Annoying Jackass Who Follows Fedor Around’ at M-1 Global:

According to a source close to M-1 Global, the separation was amicable and M-1 is open to working with Millen in the future.

The source told, “Jerry’s role was in production” and “that the shift was M-1 wanting to move more functions from being outsourced to in-house” in Holland.

When asked for comment, Millen told Friday, “I resigned.”

He also tweeted “I wish I could tell u what is going down. One day I will give u the full and uncensored info”, which makes me wonder if this has anything to do with those post-Fedor loss rumors that M-1 is in some sort of death spiral. Although it is worth noting they’re still throwing a lot of events and is currently trying to get it’s own deal on Showtime, so who knows what’s up with that.

Whatever the reason, let’s take a moment to celebrate one less douchebag riding Fedor’s coat tails … although knowing the MMA industry, I’m sure Jerry will pop back up again eventually. MMA is one of those upper level talent toilets where the turds never seem to flush for good. Now we just have to hope something happens so we can get Vadim Finkelstein out of the driver’s seat. Jerry hasn’t really done anything but annoy people for the past few years. Vadim … he’s the one everyone blames when it comes to every Fedor booking becoming an exercise in endless frustration.