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Bye-bye Andrei Arlovski?

For an event with very little sizzle on the card, HDNet Fights sure is making up for it by whipping up some decent news. Tucked into one of the dozens of articles on Randy Couture’s interview comes this:

Another embattled UFC heavyweight was a guest at the HDNet Fights show, as former champion Andrei Arlovski was present at the show and post fight press conference.

“I will fight very soon,” Arlovski stated about his fight career.

Sources close to the fighter confirmed to that Arlovski is also waiting out his UFC contract which according to them expires in April and at that time the Belarus native will look to move on to another organization.

Well shit. When the UFC bought Pride, everyone thought it was heralding the dawn of a new era for their heavyweight division. Instead we’ve got Nog and Crocop floundering, no Barnett, no Hunt, and we’ve lost Randy. And now possibly Andrei too? Fucknuggets.

  • Michaelthebox says:

    Even without Arlovski and Couture, the HW division still kicks the crap out of the division a year ago.

  • Tommy says:

    I could be wrong but I say Andrei isn’t going anywhere. That’s hdnet editing stirring up shit more then likely. Crocop would stop looking so bad if he would just admit he’s a lightheavyweight. Barnett would be a good sign for anyone really. I wonder who’s waiting on pulling the trigger for him.

  • Jackie Chiles says:

    I hear Barnett loves asian chicks waaay too much to ever fight in the states again.

  • Xavier says:

    If by “asian chicks” you mean “long needles in the butt”, you’d be spot on about Barnett.

  • The Gaijin says:

    Xavier must have got a big feeding of Dana White cockmilk recently b/c he’s just spamming this board with anti-non UFC rhetoric.

    Go lay down somewhere trollboy.

  • anti anti-ufc rhetoric?

    so long as it’s not anti-anti-anti-UFC rhetoric. I hate that shit

  • Xavier says:

    Yes, pointing out that Josh Barnett loves HGH and steroids is fucking evil, ‘cuz he pretty much was busted for it in the UFC. If Barnett signs with the UFC, I’ll be on here calling him a ‘roided out bitch that can’t back up any of his online shit talking without 9 cc’s of andro and some cow semen.

    Cow semen for fun, because Barnett loves the taste of it.

  • Archivist says:

    Like Tommy said, Arlovski probably aint going anywhere soon. I am not sure but i do seem to remember that there was some shady “we get first dibs on negociations” clause in his contract.Wich probably implies further waiting to shake free from them.

  • MMA Fever says:

    Arli would be a great match with Fedor in M-1.. I’ve said too much already :)

  • operator says:

    Could be some negotiating tactics to ruffle Dana’s feathers a little bit.

  • Dana’s the kind of guy who’ll cut you loose just for doing that. Remember what happened to Brandon Vera for showing up an EliteXC press conference? That only took a year to sort out

  • Wu Tang says:

    .. Ouch.. 1 year for vera.. yea the ‘truth’ is just the ‘hype,’ so bleive the hype!!!

    Andre vs Fedor.. great match up! Will it happen, no. Daddy Dana loves his toys, even the ones who are useless, boring and worn out. Who wants to see fangs on a tall russian-ish guy when you can see a black man howl for some money… cars… girls…. and a house to shelter his 3 ‘rampage’ and 1 ‘page.. (ram- page in the future? :P)’ kids..?

  • ilostmydog says:

    Who cares? Arlovski’s fighting skills are positively correlated with the amount of chest hair he has. Since he started shaving his chest hair, he’s a relative non-contender in the HW division.

  • MMA’s equivilant to Samson

  • godzillad says:

    How fitting: Arlovski doesn’t want to fight anymore so he is leaving a fighting organization. Well I guess Andrei vs some guy K-1 found on the streets of Pskov will have to suffice.

  • Big D D says:

    UFC is making a mistake.

  • We’ll see … it took a few years, but all the first generation UFC’ers that left the company ended up coming back. I bet the UFC is banking on a few big names leaving and making far less money and recognition-wise, proving to other fighters that it’s not worth trying to make it outside the UFC

  • kentyman says:

    Damn spam filter.

  • Beau says:

    Go check out junkie again. They have a new story where Arlovski says he has a good relationship with the UFC and is fighting again soon, and that pretty much the earlier story is bullshit. Junkie has a bad habit of posting stories and then posting a story a few hours later the completely contradicts the last story. Another good example was their story about Marquadt and Okami leaving the UFC. Then bam, a few hours later, Okami and Marquadt are staying with the UFC. Maybe we can use this power for good?

  • It was MMAweekly that broke the story that Arlovski intended to leave. The thing is, even if its true Arlovski’s people would deny it. There’s a lot of ramifications to telling ‘the truth’ when you’re required by contracts to tow a certain line

  • Tommy says:

    You see over in fight network they got Andrei’s people calling bullshit on his report to leave they UFC. I’m believe that report myself.

  • i’m gonna follow up on this after lunch. My thoughts on the denials are in the radio show too