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Buy Gina, get Cyborg

Fighters Only has the scoop: wherever Gina Carano ends up, she’s gonna try her best to make sure Cris Cyborg ends up there too. Calling the matchup a ‘dream fight’, Carano says she’s been in touch with Cyborg’s people on the subject – although how many ‘people’ Cyborg has considering EliteXC payed her in peanuts is debatable.

One option that looks less likely now is Affliction, on account of co-founder Todd the Drunk Beard’s Randy hate:

“There’s a bit of a barrier between me and Affliction,” she revealed. “You know, with Randy and that whole thing.   But if they approach me with an offer, who knows?”

I think this may only be scratching the surface as far as how much damage Beard’s comments have caused. For all his flaws, Randy Couture is still considered the Pope of MMA … if you shit all over him, don’t be surprised if Catholics everywhere decide they don’t like you any more.