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Buy a cool signed poster and help someone at the same time!

Our buddy and former UFC fighter Jason Day is selling his signed UFC 96 event poster to raise money for a training partner’s rehab. Igor Vasiljevic was stabbed by two douchebags outside a concert for mustachioed Bosnian singer Haris Džinovic and was in a coma for three weeks – doctors initially thought he wouldn’t even survive. Now he’s on the road to recovery but needs help covering the cost of physical therapy (yes, you get medical treatment for free in Canada but a lot of stuff is only partially covered – it’s getting pretty two-tiered around here and it’s fucking lame). Here’s Jason’s post from the ebay auction:

This poster is signed by every fighter that fought on UFC 96 in Columbus Ohio.  There are only 125 in existence.  It comes with an authentication card saying it is number 121 out of 125. The list of autographs on this poster are as follows:

Rampage Jackson, Keith Jardine, Gabriel Gonzaga, Shane Carwin, Pete Sell, Matt Brown, Matt Hamill, Mark Munoz, Gray Maynard, Jim Miller, Tamdam McCrory, Ryan Madigan, Kendall Grove, Tim Boetsch, Jason Brilz, Branden Vera, Mike Patt, Aaron Riley, Shane Nelson and the most prized of course my own, Jason Day.

The proceeds of this auction will go directly to a charity for a training partner and friend of mine who is fighting to get his life back.  Igor Vasiljevic who trains with me at BDB martial arts in Calgary was stabbed at a concert here in Calgary over a month ago.  This brutal and unwarranted attack has made Igor fight for life and was in a coma for 3 weeks.  Now he is recovering from his physical and mental injuries and he will need a lot of support.  The therapy to recover from this incident will be very expensive and he only has a short time from to try to get back as much of his life as possible. 

Every cent from this poster will go to the charity for Igor. 

If you happen to have a large sum of money burning up in your pocket and a desire to both help someone and get a shweet poster, check this out.