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But who watches the watchers?

Tucked away at the bottom of a column on Sherdog:

With a lack of a sanctioning body in the United Kingdom, the UFC was forced to regulate the Belfast event on its own. UFC vice-president Marc Ratner oversaw the show and informed that the participants in the main event, along with two random fights, were chosen for drug screening. He went on to say the results, once in, would be sent to White and that they would be disseminated at his discretion.

I dunno about you, but I wouldn’t leave a dingo in charge of a nursery, and I wouldn’t leave the UFC in charge of the UFC’s drug testing. This could turn into a huge issue : fans went retardo when they realized no drug testing was done for the last UK show and the Texas show. Do you really think they’ll be happier knowing the drug testing results will be ‘disseminated’ at Dana White’s discretion? If there’s even a whiff that one of the fighters didn’t pass and the UFC hushed it up (like they hushed up Diego Sanchez’s pot test), it’ll cause a massive stink. If there’s any truth to that idea, it could be the first scandal the UFC is involved in that would hit the mainstream.

The UFC has to get their heads out of their asses and realize what a precarious situation they’re in. The last thing they need is a perceived steroids scandal or cover-up on the heels of Royce Gracie’s positive testing. Doing your own drug testing instead of having an independent board controlling things just leaves way too much to be desired. The last thing this sport needs is to be perceived as rife with doping.

  • Jonathan says:

    I can see Dana White now:

    “What…everybody has the fucking amount of shit in their system.”

  • Mike O says:

    news today hit that royce’s level of something-or-other in his blood was off the charts. this further supports my theory that the steroids were planted in his blood as part of an elaborate scheme to give sakuraba another undeserved win. i mean, maybe some guy who handled the sample was paid to spike it with the steroid chemical, but they put too much in and now the samples are off the charts.

    or, alternately, a ninja snuck into royce’s bedroom, knocked him out with chloroform, and then injected him with a high dose of steroids the day before the event.

    whens the next podcast? btw i liked the drunken podcast better than the energy drink podcast.

  • We recorded the podcast on Sunday but i haven’t had a chance to edit the music into it properly … expect it to go live tonight around 8pm EST. I warn you though … it’s an energy drink one.

  • intenso says:

    It didn’t help that Joe Rogan was on ESPN before 72 basically saying “steroids are a part of all sports, whattaya gonna do?”

    When you consider what a huge advantage guys would get from taking supplements (power, recovery, etc) and couple that with the fact that if they don’t win they go back to hanging drywall or whatever the fuck their day job is, I’d say it’s something the UFC probably wants to take pretty seriously.

  • We’ve only been saved by the fact that the best fighter in the ufc nabbed for steroids is Stephan Bonnar, and everyone who uses steroids thus far has been losing. It’d be a pretty big disaster if there was another Barnett vs Couture situation now. If I was the UFC I’d have someone going around to fighters camps randomly testing guys.

  • Mike O says:

    forget about steroids, the strength boost is nothing compared to the performance enhancement of marijuana (inability to feel pain, submission creativity)

    speaking of which, maybe try a podcast with the help of some banned substances?

  • Is the title of this post a reference to the comic book The Watchmen?
    Who watches the Watchmen?

  • It’s a roman saying, basically means who keeps the watchers in check

  • Royal B. says:


    I was thinking the same thing Morgan.