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“Business as usual”

If you wanted to boil this 20 minute Dana White interview down to three words, they’d be ‘Business as Usual.’ You could even play a decent drinking game with it as I did on this cold and wet Winter morning. And why not drink when we have such an amazing and exciting deal that’s just happened but we’re hearing nothing will really change, at least not for several months anyways.

The only hint of awesome is that UFC fighters might end up in Strikeforce instead of the unemployment line sometimes, and ‘once a contract is finished’ certain Strikeforce fighters could end up in the UFC. I can only hope all this honoring Strikeforce contracts bullshit ends pretty quickly with the choice fighters on the roster happily putting aside their old contracts for shiny new UFC ones.

  • Reverend Clint says:

    Bet it will take a few years for strikeforce to completely disappear. Plus its a good place for guys like Chris Lytle to go bang it out while not clogging up the octagon for real contenders.

  • Mixed Martial Adam says:

    It’s an amazing platform to keep around if the Zuffa markets it as a b-league.

    I understand the problem with brand confusion, but with a strong enough educational campagin and maybe some clever renaming it is a great place to bring guys up and send them down as needed.