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Bully Beatdown might not be ‘keepin it real’

So by now you might have heard the rumors that MTV’s Bully Beatdown isn’t exactly the most realistic of reality shows. According to some, the bullies are actually stuntmen that the ‘victims’ don’t even meet until the show is filmed:

I spoke with a friend that helped with the production of the show and was told that most of the bully/victim combo had never even met prior to the taping of each episode.

Take bully Jon from the last episode with Jake Shields. Last year he was on the Fox TV show Battle of the Bods where Jonathan proclaimed to be a professional stuntman as he judged the bodies of young women.

Ryan Adam Kessman : one of the bullies’ IMDb Resume. Lists his background Performance Skills: Martial Arts, Stunts. He was even on My name is Earl.

Even though Bully Beatdown is filled with actors the fights are mostly real. The stuntmen do try to fight back against the Pro MMA fighters but their payday comes not from the 10,000 prize money offered up but from the money guaranteed on the contract they signed going into the fight.

Amusingly enough, Mayhem posted up a sarcastic “Yeah, it’s all TOTALLY fake” response but had so many people think he was serious that he had to amend the post with this:

To think that I give a damn about some what some blowhards on the internet chatboard think, is freaking RIDICULOUS. I would never turn down a chance to act wacky on MTV to save my “E-cred” lol

I really don’t care if a few conspiracy theorists on the internet think that bully beardown is fake- anyone with half a brain will tell you that you can’t fake beating the hell out of someone, and that happens on every episode. Do they think we hired a stuntman that can projectile vomit on command?

Internet nitpickers and rollerbladers, who we poked fun at in an episode have come out claiming the show is fake, but its legit. Are the bully’s douchebags? Yep? Do they want to be on tv? Hell yes. They all really think they can beat my pro-fighter too. Yes, you don’t have to be on the internet to be completely stupid.

Who would imagine that one of the few remaining ProElite products would be tainted with allegations of fixing??? As for how real or fake it is, who cares? I’d rather gargle with diarrhea than watch the MMA equivilant of Pimp My Ride, regardless of if their bullies are ‘legit’ or not.