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Bullshit event may not be bullshit

Remember that event which we thought was a total scam? Well, it turns out that it might actually be true, since MMAWeekly has just written an article about it and confirmed Ken Shamrock’s participation.

Of course, there’s still a lot of questions left that need answering … like why the hell this event is happening in Manilla when the company throwing the event is based in Las Vegas? And why are none of the fighters including this event in their list of upcoming fights?

Still seems pretty sketchy to me, but at least we now know there’s an actual company out there trying to get this event off the ground. If it actually happens or not will be something to wait and see.

  • Big D D says:

    Barnett needs to stop fucking around and get in the octagon. Show the UFC ‘what’s up’

  • ukiro says:

    This where Yuki Kondo is going to face August Wallén. Kondo is filling in for Salaverry, who’s pulled out (presumably due to UFC contract issues). A friend of my girlfriend trains with August, and the fight is happening on December 8th. Here’s a Swedish info blurb on this event:

  • koolpaw says:

    As i watched the video on that site and googled, seems that organization held this event last Oct or maybe same promoter?

    And a Japanese news site was saying that main target for their audiences are asians. U can see Nam Phan as their main eventer.
    (in Japanese)

    but yes, its still mysterious, MMAWeekly said
    “Each team will battle in four events to be held in the Philippines, Macau, Japan and China”

    No news about this event in Japan in 2008 yet… oh wait new org WVH in Japan will held press conference today… we will see, anyways.

  • Jiggaboo Nasty says:

    I’m currently living in Manila and I’m this event seem crazy sketchy to me. If you click on the page for the event on the Areneta website the link doesn’t work. If you go to the TicketNet website (where you can supposedly purchase tickets) you enter some bullshit information (no credit card required) and then they say they’ll call you to confirm. I’d totally drop $200 USD to go VIP to this event, but man, something smells like the UFC’s new ring card girl currently. I’ll check back at the beginning of december and see if anything looks better or maybe just show up at noon at the Areneta and buy seats. Speaking of, why the fuck is the event at 1pm in the afternoon in Manila??? That’s midnight EST on Thursday night and 10pm PST. Shit don’t make no sense. Fightlinker, please continue to post anything you hear about this shit and I’ll be there with my be there to cover it if it’s legit. But I’ll say this, there’s a lot in Manila that ain’t legit so we’ll see. Here’s to goosing Gracie if it’s real.

    Jiggaboo Nasty

  • Jiggaboo Nasty says:

    Sorry for all my fucked up spelling and sentences, it’s 7:30 am in Manila and I”m drunk. Fuck you too.

  • Xavier says:

    Philippines don’t test for steroids and they don’t have to worry about an athletic commission.

    Non-athletic commission MMA is a circus joke.

  • koolpaw says:

    addition: the top female fighter who is listed on the fight card has been training for this fight and already preparing to fly to Philippine according to her blog. If this event was a BS, she has right to punch in the promoters`s face, kick in the balls, and break his arms as she wants.

    Its ok if its a joke, but cant be a joke for fighters who has been spending their time.

  • palkupz says:

    Is this event going to push through on Dec. 9 at the Araneta in the Philippines? Is their any V.I.P.(Populare Fighters or MMA Legends) coming their to promote this event? We are still Clueless here in the P.I.