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Bull 1, Aleks 0

Since a super secret something or other (allegedly the heppers) stopped Alexsander Emelanenko from fighting in America since 2008, he’s been spending a lot of time in oh so respectable MMA regions like Russia and Azerbaijan taking on less than stellar opposition. So I take it as some sort of Karmic payback that he was filming a segment for some French show with a bull, the bull promptly knocked him over and footstomped his face in PRIDE style. MiddleEasy retells the tale, but I enjoy the google translation of the original Russian site:

But it seems bychara harbored a grudge against his opponent, and in the final competition, which is urine rushed to our champion on fights without rules. He stepped on Alexander that immediately after the test organizers rushed shouting: “Doctors to Emelianenko!” Blood flowed down his face, and it looked awful. You could not make out what happened. But after a few seconds it turned out – bull revenge athlete and knocked out two teeth. Alexander was in shock. That’s toyed with the beast!

The only consolation in this situation is that all injuries are included in the insurance project participants.

So today, Alexander will be going into a French hospital to insert the teeth. Incidentally, a couple of days ago, one of the contests (though not with a bull), a piece of the tooth lost Julia Kovalchuk. However, the next day the show’s organizers took her to the clinic and all corrected.

See, it’s okay to laugh because Alex is fine. Well, aside from that little mystery problem. But don’t worry, no one likes to talk about that.