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Building up that sparring match

The new voice of HDNet, Michael Schiavello, tries to weave us a story behind the Mousasi / Fedor exhibition match at this Friday’s M-1 Breakthrough event. In short, he claims it’s a ‘potential appetizer’ for a real fight down the road. Posted on M-1 Global’s website:

As fight fans on August 28 we get to sit back and be entertained by two of the finest fighters in the world duking and rolling for our pleasure. Just know, however, that beneath the guise of this exhibition something much deeper and more meaningful will play out in the Kansas City M-1 ring. With every strike he throws, every takedown he attempts and every submission he tries to lock on, Mousasi will mentally press Ctrl+S on his phenomenal fight brain. It is information he will store, take home and dissect all in preparation for the day when he gets to square off against the greatest fighter on the planet. And Fedor knows this.

The question therefore is: will Fedor show his full hand and the full repertoire of his amazing ability in this exhibition match and send a stern message to Mousasi not to attempt to come after him at heavyweight? Or will Fedor show just a smidgeon of his brilliance and lure Mousasi into a false sense of security only for Fedor to shatter the Dreamcatcher’s dream when they do meet for real?

Eeeeeeh. 10 bucks says they just dick around in the ring for five minutes.