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Buentello to fight ‘bush league’ Rogers

After being announced for EliteXC’s November 8th card a few days ago, Brett Rogers is pretty close to having an opponent: Paul Buentello. Multiple sources from both camps are reporting that the fight is ‘nearly’ a done deal, which I figure means contracts need to be signed and agreements put in place for what kind of fighting is allowed and encouraged (har har).

I’m a bit surprised to hear about this fight coming through, because a few weeks back it looked like Paul Buentello had turned it down. Well, not Paul but Paul’s manager Ken Pavia … but I’m of the opinion that when someone ‘represents’ you they kinda sorta REPRESENT you, so it’s all the same. Anyways, here’s what Paul Buentello said about the fight at the time:

After this weekend I get back to Austin and decide to break open a six pack and just relax. I get another call. This time its a MMA reporter asking me if I’m fighting Brett Rodgers in 5 weeks. He told me he had on good word I was going to get offered the fight and I told him I hadn’t heard anything about it. Waiting for my manager to call and offer me the fight instead of putting my beer down I finish the 6 pack.

I read on MMA.TV that he turned the fight down cause 5 weeks wasn’t enough time for him to get ready. Oh, well. Fighting Brett Rodgers would do nothing for my career and in all honestly would be a fight that would be hard to get motivated for. I relate it to a 12 year MLB veteran getting called down to the Bush Leagues. To me it really doesn’t matter but as a pro I fight who the promoters ask me too. One I’m a professional and two it doesn’t look good if youre a fighter that’s afraid to take a fight.

Oooh, bush leagues. Them’s fighting words, Mr Buentello. And luckily enough it looks like this fight is gonna happen! Hype is always a good thing, but you have to watch out when you say stuff like that in case you end up losing. And what does it imply when you lose to someone who’s ‘bush league’? I’m betting we’re going to find out pretty soon.