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Bud Light is a girly beer

Okay, so my original post about the UFC/Bud deal wasn’t exactly Pulitzer prize winning material. Here’s take two for y’all:

It’s in the UFC’s book of standard operating procedures: if a competitor is having a press conference, you have your own. This takes away attention from theirs, even if you’re just doing something lame like announcing Brock Lesnar when everyone already knew that was happening anyways.

This time the UFC was trying to yell loud enough that no one would notice that EliteXC had landed on CBS. And while it might have worked to a degree with the mainstream media, everyone in the know isn’t fooled. Although I will hand it to the UFC … their news was pretty big news too:

This spring, millions of Ultimate Fighting Championship fans will see a new heavyweight take the center of the Octagon. Today Anheuser-Busch and UFC announced that Bud Light, the world’s best-selling beer, will become the new exclusive beer sponsor for the UFC.

Bud Light’s three-year deal with Zuffa, LLC, owner of the UFC brand, makes the American-style light lager with superior drinkability the exclusive beer sponsor of the UFC – the world’s premier mixed martial arts organization.

It’s great that the UFC has landed the elusive ‘blue chip sponsor’, as Zach Arnold likes to call it. Although I do wish we weren’t stuck with Bud Light as the official beer of the UFC. I don’t really know if there’s any beer out there that’s more vaginal than that. Maybe there’s a beer in a pink can called “Le Suck” I don’t know about or something?

The UFC deserves a beer as mean as the sport – one that knocks you the fuck out, that’s like drinking fucking death in a can. Mickey’s was great that way because it was strong and trashy, the way a good mixed martial arts brew should be. I pray that they’re still going to be around on the technicality that they’ll be the “Official Malt Liquor of the UFC”.

  • Lifer says:

    I drink my own piss and I wouldn’t drink Bud Light.

  • Zheroen says:

    I concur with Lifer. I’ve only drank Bud Light in the pass when the following conditions were met:

    a) I was already drunk from having consumed some good beer
    b) it was free
    c) there wasn’t anything else to drink and I was thirsty like all get out.

    The UFC should have something like GUINESS as their sponsor. And they could have George Sotiropolous and Michael Bisping do commercials as the “Brilliant!” guys.

  • dignan says:

    It’ll be amazing how fast they dump Mickey’s. Bud light is fucking water.

  • Beau says:

    This makes perfect sense for Bud Light. I do market research studies for extra cash and I did one for miller light when they were testing out the “Man Law” commercials. Basically they wanted to change Miller Lights image from a girly beer to a manly one. Now Bud Light is trying to do the same exact thing. Guinness doesn’t need the UFC to improve its manly image, its already as manly as it gets.

  • Yeah Guinness is like drinking mud.

  • Zurich says:

    Well, by American standards Bud Light may be pretty good… but we Canadians know better, eh?

  • Shawn says:

    Is this how last night’s post was supposed to read? I thought it was funny.

  • dulljake says:

    i hate to admit it, but the pub i go too has always Bud Light on special, and i drink it. See what happens when your entertainers are fucking poor? We drink Bud Light!!!!

  • kentyman says:

    Bud Light doesn’t taste like piss, ’cause it doesn’t taste like much of anything. Hence, it’s popular with the ladies and the non-real-beer drinkers. But it’s not any more “girly” than any of the other light American pilsners.

    I prefer a good beer over a bad one too, but when I’m slummin’ it, I’ll binge drink me some Bud Light.

  • Shawn says:

    I’m with Jake:

    It’s tough to beat $1.00 drafts of Bud Light. You may get tired of drinking before you are drunk, but it is cheap.

  • i like beer that gets me crunked. Bud Light doesn’t do the job

  • dignan says:

    In all honesty, if you guys haven’t had a 60, 90, or 120 Minute IPA from dogfishhead you are seriously missing out.

    Good fucking beer.

    Since they are rare, I have only had 2 120 minute IPA’s, and I got thrown out of a bar and in a fight with 2 bouncers….and I seriously thought I wasn’t pissed drunk.

  • Anubis says:

    Bud Light?! Only unemployable losers in their late 20’s drink that pathetic piss-water. With the Looney kicking the shit out of the US dollar there’s just no excuse for this tragedy. You deserver better. Okay, so maybe I feel guilty now that I haven’t joined the FightLinker Army, yet. I wouldn’t even wish Bud Light on Herb Dean.

  • Lifer says:

    im giving the poor man some of my tax return. i want him to fix his anus and buy organic vegetables.

  • kentyman says:

    If 10 Molsens got you that “crunk” last night, Ryan, 11 Bud Lights would’ve made you crunker.

    For much less. :)

  • Xavier says:

    No more Mickey’s?!?!? And you say that was not a huge announcement? Fucking A, you know nothing.

    No more Bruce Buffer classing up the Mickey’s Fine Malt Liquor brand is truly the passing of an era.

  • Brandt says:

    Bud Light is the urine of beers. Nasty. I was hoping you were hotlinking my Bud Light image on MMA Opinion so I could swap it with something stupidly sick and/or funny. Oh well. :(

  • Nah we never hotlink anything. That’s BAD netiquette!