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Bruce Buffer on the chance of a 360

Bruce Buffer shares some insight into the proper environmental elements needed to induce the mythical ‘Buffer 360’ turn:

“I know that octagon the way a basketball player can turn around and do a 12-foot jumpshot,” Buffer said. “I know every position of that octagon because I’ve basically been in that octagon for 14 years. That’s my office. … So when I walk in the cage, I feed off the energy of the crowd. I feed off the energy of the fighters who are in there. My job is to take those fighters to the next level, if not the highest level. And it’s also my job to take those fans in attendance and watching on TV to the next level beyond the excitement that’s already created by (UFC broadcasters) Joe (Rogan) and Goldie (Mike Goldberg).

“What you see is just how I feel. If I pull a 360 … it’s about whether it’s right to do it at that moment. I will never disgrace the sacred ground of the octagon. I will only do what I feel is right to enhance that moment at hand.”

So, will the time be right at such a major event, one that could break UFC pay-per-view records and will garner the organization the most media attention of its 16-year run?

“I can’t say yes or no,” Buffer said. “I can just say it will or will not happen.”

But if does happen, only one specific time makes sense.

“If it does happen, it won’t happen during the prelims or at the beginning of the pay-per-view (broadcast),” Buffer said. “It’s only going to happen during the main event.”

Goddamn it would be sweet to see Buffer banana heel it at UFC 100 trying to do a 360. If a lightning bolt hit my house and blew my fucking head off, I would still die a happy man if I got to witness that first. Or maybe a Fedor chant, but only if it was followed by Fedor driving down to the Octagon in a monster truck and dropping a stunner on Dana White.