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Browser Crasher: Jake Shields finishes all over your computer screen


I thought I’d put together a post that hearkens back to the good old days when Mr. Shields used to finish his opponents (read: when the competition wasn’t so… competitive) so I gathered all the fight footage I could find.  So without further ado, the finishes of Jake Shields.


Robbie Lawler
Strikeforce: Lawler vs. Shields 6-6-2009, 182 lb. Catchweight
Guillotine, 2:02 of the 1st Round

Feeling each other out at the start of the fight, Jake throws a lot of jabs and body kicks.  Jake shoots for a TD, but Robbie does a good job of fending it off.  They clinch up and hit each other with body shots, while Jake tries to keep him close to avoid power shots to the head.  He’s obviously looking for the guillotine from the clinch.  Jake lands a body kick and halfheartedly shoots for a TD, just barely avoiding getting lamped by a Lawler hook and knee.  Shields is able to keep his distance on the feet by throwing lots of punches and kicks, while threatening with the clinch everytime Robbie gets too close.  Robbie is looking a bit flustered, throwing few strikes, and missing pretty much all them.  Jake leaps forward with a knee to force a clinch, sinks in a guillotine as soon as his back hits the cage, drops to the ground and closes his guard up.  Lawler picks Jake up and looks to ‘Hughes Slam’ him, but Jake is squeezing like a vice and Robbie starts to go out on his feet.  Lawler falls forward and immediately taps.
BTW – Gus Johnson gives some of the worst fucking commentary I’ve ever heard in this fight.  Srsly.

Shields kicks | TD Att. | Clinch & Trade | Failed TD

Shields offense | Guillotine setup | Guillotine

Att. slam & tapout | Overhead Slo-mo finish

Ref’s Eye View


-the rest of the fights after the jump-


Ray Cooper
Shooto Hawaii: Soljah Fight Night 7-9-2004
Rear Naked Choke, 3:29 of Round 1

Jake is seen here avenging a prior decision loss to Ray “Bradda” Cooper, choking him out at 3:29 of the 1st round.  This was a pretty exciting round of back and forth grappling, but Shields’ superior wrestling got him the win, and the Shooto Middleweight Championship Belt.

Cooper TD | 3 Second Mount | Leg Show | Mad Scrambles

Find the better wrestler | Setting up the choke | The Finish




Steve Berger
FCP: Malice at Cow Palace 9-9-2006
TKO (strikes), 1:36 of Round 1

I’ve only seen this fight in highlight form, with video taken from a shitty cell phone, but man, Jake is just beastly in this fight.  From the slam TD to start the match off, to the ridiculous GNP he was laying down, I’ve never seen Jake so aggressive and dominant.  His jiu-jitsu is on point.

Slam TD | GNP | Back to Mount | Roll to Mount | The Finish




Ray Steinbeiss
BodogFIGHT: Costa Rica Combat 2-18-2007
Guillotine, 1:29 of Round 1

More complete pwnership.  Jake immediately gets the TD, pulls through to mount, then works toward the guillotine.  It seems like he lets Steinbeiss try to get up just so he can slap the choke on.

TD | Mount | Guillotine 1 | Guillotine 2



Ido Pariente
K-1 Dynamite!! USA 6-2-2007
Rear Naked Choke, 2:06 of Round 1

Ido’s biggest claim to fame may be his having lost to Efrain Escudero during the house entry fights on TUF 8, but still…  the way Shields dominates him is a thing of beauty.  Jake gets the TD early, and quickly chains from half guard-to side mount- to full mount.  Pariente bucks like mad, but Jake rides him like a PBR veteran.  Shields puts down some heavy chest slams and GNP, and proceeds to grapple the fuck out of the squirrelly Pariente.  Eventually Shields get back control and locks in a body triangle, setting up for the finish.

TD | Transitions to Mount | Rodeo | Slams & GNP

Transitions to Mount | Taking the Back | Body Triangle | RNC | The Tap




Renato “Charuto” Verissimo
EliteXC: Uprising 9-15-2007, 175 lb. Catchweight
TKO (strikes), 4:00 of Round 1

At the start of the fight, Jake shoots a weak TD attempt that Charuto doesn’t even need to stuff.  From the clinch, Charuto lands a nice foot sweep that puts Jake on his back… for about 4 seconds.  They trade clinch knees for a bit while jockeying for position until Jake hooks Charuto’s leg and takes him down.  Jake lands some body punches, but Charuto is pretty active on the bottom, avoiding damage, and throwing his legs up to threaten submissions.  Charuto attempts a kimura, but Jake rips his arm free.  Jake works his leg out of semi-half guard and gets full mount.  From there he maintains position and rains down some cute &t=1m1s”>Megumi Fujii-esque GNP until the ref stops the fight.

TD Fail | Charuto Trip | Back to Feet | Jake Trip TD

GNP | Kimura Att. | Mount | The TKO | TKO slo-mo



Mike Pyle
EliteXC: Renegade 11-10-2007
Rear Naked Choke, 3:31 of Round 1

Shields clumsily shoots for a TD early on, but gets stuffed. Pyle lands a knee in the exchange that rocks Shields a bit and then forces him off balance. Pyle throws another nasty knee that catches Jake in the chest, but he’s able to get a double leg on Pyle and take him down, ending up in side control. Pyle’s back is right up against the fence, so Shields triangles his legs to prevent Mike from getting to his feet. Pyle expertly positions himself to pull his legs free and stand up. After clinching against the fence for a bit, Shields scores with another double leg, but Pyle quickly gets back to his feet. Pyle lands a nice trip, but Shields is already reversing him before he even hits the ground, ending up on top in Pyle’s guard. Ever the technician, Jake does his signature passing from half guard to side mount to full mount. He does this better than just about anyone in MMA. Jake passes to side mount. From there he uses strikes to get Pyle to expose his back, then sinks in the choke and it’s game over. One hell of a fun scrap.

Takedown sequence | Knee slo-mo | Leg Wraps | Pyle Escapes | Shields TD
Pyle Trip, Shields Reversal | Reversal -Alt Angle | HG to Side | Side to Mount
Getting the Back | The Finish | Finish -Alt Angle



Nick Thompson
EliteXC: Unfinished Business 7-26-2008
Guillotine, 1:03 of Round 1

After landing a nice body kick, Shields shoots a single-leg and gets Thompson down, almost immediately getting mount. Thompson kicks off the cage with his legs to try and push Shields off of him, but in the scramble Jake latches on the guillotine. Once Shields gets mount and clamps down, its ovah. Shields wins the EliteXC Welterweight Championship.

TD to Mount | Guillotine | The Tap



Paul Daley
EliteXC: Heat 10-4-2008
Armbar, 3:47 of Round 2

Jake starts out throwing kicks and jabs, Daley looking to counter when he gets close. Daley throws a hard jab that catches Jake on the chin as he shoots for a single-leg. Daley stuffs it easily. Daley throws another leaping left (ala GSP) to the body, but Jake eats it on the chin again as he’s dives for the single-leg, completing it successfully this time. Shields works his half-side-mount magic again. Daley looks completely lost as Jake dominates the top position, actively working the ground and pound. Shields batters Daley with nonstop punches and elbows for a good amount of time. With 45 seconds left in the round, Shields attempts an armbar, but he can’t follow through since his back is against the cage. No matter, he easily regains mount. He tries another last minute armbar, but ends up getting reversed. Daley is throwing down some THUNDEROUS elbows, but Jake is unphased and makes it to the bell.
2nd Round, Daley leaps forward throwing bad intentions, but nothing really connects. Jake ducks under for a takedown, but eats a hard knee and gets stuffed. Daley clobbers Shields with a left hook that drops him, and Daley follows him down. Jake starts attacking his leg, and Daley knows it’s time to get the fuck out of there. Shields tries another clumsy TD attempt, and gets clubbed in the back of the head while coming in, then painfully stuffed. Daley doesn’t want to go to the ground and lets him up. Daley swings and misses wildly with an uppercut/hook combo and Jake pulls him to his knees. Paul stands back up, but Shields puts him down for real this time and ends up in full mount. Jake starts dropping punches and elbows, softening Daley up for the inevitable armbar finish. Shields defends his belt for the first and only time, being that this was the last EliteXC event. WAR KIMBO!

Shields offense | TD Fail | TD Win | Half-Side-Mount | GNP
Mo GNP | Armbar Att. | Daley Reverses | Daley GNP | Daley stuffs
Daley Knockdown | Leg Attack | Daley Stuffs | TD | TD to Mount
GNP | Full Sequence Finish | Finish





  • Letibleu says:

    I have been misled, my browser did not crash.

    Awesome job, I found a few finishes of fights I could not find.

  • Symbul says:

    Nice work. You dug deep for some of those.

  • fightlinker says:

    there’s that one arm guillotine i gushed about – Nick Thompson fight!

    I wonder if jake has just been underperforming lately … I used to love him back in the EliteXC days but his last few have def. been dogs. His gnp has definitely gotten worse and he’s way more risk adverse now, which i think actually hurts his game. He needs to take a page from his buddy Gil’s book and go for the bumrush

  • G Funk says:

    Nice work Grappo, your time and effort havepaid off with a deuce-age of great posts!

  • frickshun says:

    Thank you Grandpo for confirming what I knew all along: SHIELDS IS GOING TO LOSE IN EMBARASSING FASHION.

  • Grappo says:

    ^^  I really dig watching Shields work, but yeah.  GSP is gonna clown him.


    – oh, the opening of ThunderCats used to make me pee a little.  Mumm-Ra the Everliving scared the piss out me as a kid.

  • frickshun says:

    Thundercats was soooo fucking cool. Why did they make Mumm-Ra’s henchmen so damn corny? The only other American style cartoon w/that kind of character creativity was Pirates of Dark Water. THAT was a sick show.

  • CAP says:

    He-Man would kick ALL their asses!

  • Grappo says:

    He-Man would do something to all their asses.

    ahhh, memories –

    Teela is probably what first got me interested in boobs though.  Cheetara got me interested in humping my cat.

  • Predator8u says:

    Great  Post.

    Jake seems to has more agression and want to finish in his earlier fights.

    Hope that comes out this weekend.  

  • DJ ThunderElbows says:

    These are so fucking amazing, Grappo. Thank you so much.

  • frickshun says:

    Grappo–>thanks for sharing your love of felines.