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Browning vs. Miller on April Fool’s Day

What’s he trying to say with that tattoo? That Junie. So mysterious.

Noted role model Junie Browning will be returning to the Octagon against top prospect Cole Miller, according to MMAWeekly. Browning most recently submitted Diamond Dave Kaplan via second round armbar while Miller last fought and finished amateur boxer jiu-jitsu black belt Jorge Gurgel with a triangle, a mere 12 seconds before the fight was over. Talk about fighting bell to bell! LOLZ!

There was a lot of talk on TUF8 about how talented Junie Browning was. For all that talk, all we really got to see on the show was his ability to take shots of tequila and hit Mel Gibson levels of drunk. His bout against Diamond Dave showed a much improved fighter than we had seen on the show but whether or not he is ready for a fighter the caliber of Cole Miller will be answered on April 1st.

Many have criticized the UFC for even keeping Browning around after his actions on the show and to comment on that, I have asked my friend War Machine to give some insight into the situation.

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