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Brown vs Faber 2 was awesome

Being an MMA fan with no cable is an interesting experience. With the UFC and Strikeforce, you have the option of paying for a rock solid high quality feed. When you’re dealing with the WEC however, it pays to have basic cable. We tried to watch the event via the pirate equivilant of soup cans and strings and it was pretty god awful. So rather than ruin the entire fight, we gave up and watched the event this morning.

And boy, was this card worth it. You know a card is great when the worst fights are the ones with quick finishes. The WEC has always been a favorite of mine because of the total wars you end up seeing on a regular basis, and this event was no different.

We’re gonna break down the entire card on the Low Blow in a few hours, but I wanted to comment a bit on the Mike Brown / Urijah Faber fight. Faber broke one hand in the first round and apparently fucked the other hand up later on in the fight. So he was basically stripped of his ability to punch, grip, and grab … never a good thing to happen when fighting a guy who may already have a skill and strength advantage.

While you can’t deny that this completely changed the fight we saw, I think a lot of people are spending too much time questioning what would have happened in this fight instead of just enjoying what DID happen. I don’t see Faber and Brown going anywhere fast, so it’s not like we won’t see a third fight between the two. And the fight last night was great.

With Brown, we got to see him go into the championship rounds and while he wasn’t as tenacious in the last two as he was in the first three, it seemed less like a cardio issue and more like strategy. I don’t see why I’m so amazed at this … these are featherweights after all. Perhaps it’s just nice to see after watching half the fighters on the Strikeforce card running out of gas after 10 minutes. Perhaps it’s the men that need 3 minute rounds?

But even for 145 pound dudes, these two guys were working hard. Everyone is always talking about Mike Brown’s strength and there’s a reason for that: every grab, clinch, and scramble looked like a massive effort for Faber to control.

As for Faber, you gotta credit the guy for being a tough son of a bitch. The scorecards ended up being 49-46 49-46 and 48-47 in favor of Brown, telling the story of a fight Mike Brown easily took once Faber broke his shit. But Faber was still game, ditching his busted hands in favor of elbows that caught Brown again and again but just couldn’t stop or cut him. And in the fifth, Faber showed that he was still in it to win it by locking up a desperate choke that had Brown in trouble one minute before the final bell.

All in all a great fight. The first two rounds were back and forth and from there I was fascinated to see how Faber would perform against the adversity of having barely functional hands. While he didn’t manage an epic comeback (hey, he came close near the end), the fact that he managed to make it to a decision was impressive enough for me.