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Brown Pride

There’s been a lot of dumb fucks out there ragging on Cain Velasquez for having a “Brown Pride” tattoo across his chest. As far as these people are concerned, they find it potentially racist … they wonder what would happen if a UFC fighter showed up with a “White Pride” tattoo in their chest, and if that person would be welcomed into the UFC.

Let me explain something to you: it’s “white pride” that’s responsible for shitting all over the culture and heritage of half the ethnic groups around the world. Even today, you’ve got racism and stereotyping to the point where blacks and hispanics are essentially taught by American society to be ashamed of themselves. While most of the world sticks their head in the sand and pretends like the war against racism has been won and we’re all equal now, people are still being pulled over constantly for DWB and being treated like illegal immigrants in their own country.

For that reason, I give props Cain Velasquez for his “Brown Pride”. And for all you people who try to make it into a big deal like it’s racist towards white people: get a grip. While ‘reverse racism’ certainly exists, this case certainly doesn’t apply. It’s also not a cultural phenomena that has pushed ‘whites’ into a hugely disproportionate percentage of poverty and jail time.