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Brock’s gut feeling

Depending on who you believe, Brock Lesnar is either fighting a career-ending illness or about to head home from the hospital after a few days. What we know for certain is that the problem he’s having is with his intestinal tract, a tricky area of the body Fightlinker readers from two years ago probably already know too much about.

Those who don’t like Brock Lesnar very much can get their jollies knowing he’s probably had this fun little guy stuffed up his ass a few times. Those who are feeling bad for accusing Lesnar of being a pussy can either go the Shane Carwin route and apologize or double down and say this is just another Lesnar career flake out in disguise. While I suppose it is possible for a man with a giant dick sword on his chest to check himself into the hospital just so an army of doctors can stick all sorts of bulky equipment up his rectum, I’ll take things at face value and just assume there’s probably something wrong with him.

Now for more on diverticulitis – everyone’s best guess of what Lesnar has – here’s Fighters Only:

Abdominal pain is the most common symptom of diverticulitis, accompanied by nausea, vomiting, feeling hot while having no fever, cramping, and constipation, depending on severity of infection. Symptoms are mild in the morning and worsen throughout the day as the digestive system is put to use.

Such infections are not uncommon and doctors have vast experience of treating them, but there are a number of potentially dangerous complications. One is if an infected area – which form small ‘pouches’ – bursts open and infects the interior of the abdominal cavity. This can cause peritonitis, which is potentially fatal.

However, a general practitioner consulted by Fighters Only said it would be surprising to find that Lesnar really does have diverticulitis, as the disease is more commonly found in elderly people. While patients under 50 do present occasionally with the illness, it is a rarity in someone as young as Lesnar.

The guts are a funny thing. Sometimes all it takes is some medication and they’ll get back to semi-normal. Other times they have to cut a few feet out of that fucker, and depending on how much they have to take you could end up one of those unfortunate people with lifelong shitting issues amongst other things. And that doesn’t just mean issues when you shit. It means you having issues with shitting in your daily life all the time for the rest of your life. Fun.