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Brock’s days are numbered

Looks like Brock Lesnar better make a lot of money fast in the UFC, because the day athletic commissions start testing for Human Growth Hormones, he’s FUCKED.

  • intenso says:

    little known fact: HGH is actually manufactured from Brock Lesnar’s semen.

  • frickshun says:

    I am skinny & will probably die skinny. I was friends w/a lot of black kids in high school that were naturally muscular (yes, I said it, I’m Jimmy the Greek!). My boss (who is a big MMA fan now) says every guy that is muscular & ripped is using. A friend that won a college championship playing baseball says TONS of college & Pro’s were / are using. Maybe I am naive but is it possible that some people are just born different & are muscular, genetic freaks?

  • Stirling says:

    Some people are born more muscular than others, but it still takes them years in the gym to achieve the chiseled look. Have you tried working out?

  • dulljake says:

    The amount of muscle fibers you have in your body doesn’t ever change. That’s a genetic thing. It means that people with more fibers have an easier time building muscle, and look always leaner. However, though you can’t increase the amount, you can increase the SIZE. It’s just a matter of knowing how to do it, and a big part of this is the right type of excercises and nutrition.

  • Jake’s got a new bible

  • frickshun says:

    Hey Stirling,

    If you are directing that at me. . . . I don’t have an image problem. I am 5’10”, 155 lbs & fine w/my physique. I am an athlete in pretty good shape. I am not trying to put on muscle. In fact, when I work out, it doesn’t take long to see results. But, I have a job, wife & 2 kids. Plus I play volleyball at a pretty high level so I practice a lot or play all day tourneys. I don’t have time to work out 5 days a week. My point was that we are genetically predisposed to be a certain way. So no matter how much I work out, eat right & take suppliments, I won’t look like Sean Sherk. All I want to know is, does anyone get to the top (& look ripped) w/o using illegal performance enhancers.

  • The New Revelation says:

    The CSAC doesn’t test for HGH? Either way, I believe Brock Lesnar is clean. Not that if your on the juice you get ripped, but Lesnar isn’t ripped. He’s just large. Going back to his NCAA training wrestling days Brock Lesnar was a big boy, and was likely keeping his weight down intentionally at that time. Genetically, people are built differently. Lesnar has denied using over and over again, and has also attacked people who are users. Maybe he uses HGH, maybe he doesn’t. I just can’t say.

  • The New Revelation says:

    Frickshun, yes… it just depends how hard you work at it. Most people would use supplements to aid their bodies. You can buy fat burners that are perfectly legal, but are banned by athletic commissions because of the extra energy they give you. You can get the top and get ripped, but staying there is the hard part. Of course by conventional standards body builders are considered ripped, but they’re bloated for half the year and only truly ripped a few days a year. Getting ripped is 90% diet, and working out smart. You can do it working out 2-3 times a week if you focus properly. Google Dave Mentzer and his H.I.T. training techniques. I’ve had success with them. I use them for a 1/3 of my 12 month training cycle.

  • intenso says:

    TheNewREvelation…nobody tests for HGH, there is no reliable test for it.

  • Ted Dibiase says:

    he aint using, thats why he quit the wwf

  • Lifer says:

    HGH is naturally occuring in the human body. Going to sleep on an empty stomach helps trigger it while you sleep. Also the longer you keep lactic acid in the muscles also tells your body to create more for muscle growth.

    You notice constant use in people by way of increased bone density in the face/forehead a la tito ortiz and lots of people from that camp. When Melvin Guillard claimed that joe stevenson was using I actually believed him because of his affiliation with Tito and I watched a KOTC card that aired before joe’s last fight and his face was distorted and lumpy but not bruised in any way. He actually was trying to hide his face from the camera as far as I could tell.

    I also suspect Randy of using it. Why not if there is no test and you can’t get caught. Look what it did to Stallone for that last rocky movie!

  • frickshun says:

    Lifer, that is exactly what the fuck I’m talking about! You are throwing names out like you know. I hope they do find a way to test or have contracted fighters tested once during training & then again right before or after the fight. I know the shit is out there & people are using it but since no fighters have talked openly about how they get it, use it & how rampant it is, it’s unfair to start calling names.

  • stellar53 says:

    Lifer, you are a fucking idiot…..STFU

  • Hey, I’m throwing brock out there as a name :-p Comes down to the fact that we all have our suspicions about different fighters and there’s nothing wrong with saying them out loud … it’s not like anyone should give a shit about what’s being said in the comments section of this site!~

  • stellar53 says:

    Lifer, you are still a fucking idiot……STFU


  • Xavier says:

    More like 80% of the all MMA fighters are fucked.

  • Xavier says:


  • Asa says:

    Not for nothin’, but I don’t think Brock’s using anymore. As scary as it may be, he’s not big anymore. He was huge in the WWE, but he’s come down from that size dramatically. He looked like he was fifteen when he fought at the Temple of Happa.

  • The Grass Hoppa says:

    i don’t understand people who say he wasn’t using: HE WAS CAUGHT WITH IT. It’s that simple. As to if he is using now, i dunno – but everyone knows the saying, “once a user ……”