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Brock vs Mir 2 is going to suck balls

There’s an article on MMAJunkie “sizing up” the Mir vs Lesnar situation. It almost makes it sound like this fight is worth watching, until you consider that it’s still just Frank and Brock fighting. There’s even talk that their bout might be for UFC 97, rumored to take place in Fightlinker’s home town up in Canada City.

I know that the fight will be good for MMA in general; and by good, I mean it will trick idiots who still watch pro wrestling into tuning in to see Lesnar get revenge for having lost to some gay little leg lock (their words, not mine). Considering that Frank thinks that he can box now, there’s every indication that his strategy might be to keep things standing for a while.

I’ve been trying to be excited for this matchup, but I just can’t fucking do it. This heavyweight tournament commercially has been exactly what the UFC wanted, but the complete opposite of what actual fans of the sport were looking for. I mean, it’s Frank Mir versus Brock Lesnar for God’s sake!

I have a couple of predictions about how this one will turn out. Lesnar’s improved enough to know what not to do on the ground, and he’s probably learning how to defend against a leg lock as we speak. Frank is going to try and knock Lesnar out, and although no one has tested his chin yet, I have a feeling that giant neck of his is a meat shield that will provide the protection he needs. I don’t want to take anything away from Mir’s victory the other night, but Nogueira looked like he was half dead from the start of the fight. Let’s not forget how much abuse Nog has already suffered at the hands of heavy hitters. His life bar was running low, while a guy like Brock Lesnar just pressed play.

Actually, this fight does remind me of a video game. Did you ever get your ass kicked by someone who kept using the same shitty combo on the cheapest character? Yes, that’s Brock Lesnar for you; he’s your little sister that just button mashes you until she wins, and forces you to face the brutal reality; that all your hard work learning combos was in vain. Worst part is even after she won, she didn’t even give a shit. That’s gotta make you feel like a double loser.

Oh, and on a side note, I encourage any Montreal homosexual to find out where Brock is staying if he comes down, and send naked pictures of yourself, or better yet, go outside his hotel room with posters saying “I want your Brock inside of me”. That should really make him feel welcomed.