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Brock used HGH? That’s unpossible!


Here’s an oldie but a goody: apparently back in 2001 Brock Lesnar was arrested for receiving steroids in the mail:

Hit with a trafficking in controlled substances charge, Lesnar was exonerated when tests showed that the seized pills were not, in fact, steroids. While a Louisville detective told TSG that the material was some kind of growth hormone, Lesnar’s defense attorney, Scott Cox, characterized the confiscated pills as a “vitamin type of thing.” According to Cox, officers seemed “very apologetic” when lab results cleared Lesnar. It is unclear how investigators concluded that the parcel sent to Lesnar may have contained illicit substances.

Hmm … let’s see. Did the 400 pound man use human growth hormones or just a lot of vitamins? I seriously have to get me some of the shit these guys are using. I’m like 220 pounds, but I look more like Butterbean than Brock.

  • Steve-O says:

    Brock is gonna be the next big thing in MMA! Watch out Fedor, F-5 coming your way, immediately after he’ll try for the shooting-star press and land on his neck but Fedor is just gonna lay down for him like Angle did…

  • Swedish guy says:

    In Swedish, Brock means hernia. But we spell it with an å, though. Bråck. Sounds the same.

  • Johnny Nguyen says:

    I honestly think that Brock Lesnar may just be MMA’s next big thing… blowjob!

  • Rock out with your Brock out says:

    It’s hard to imagine somebody beating this guy in a fight. You’d seriously have to shoot him in the heart with an elephant gun to stop him.