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Brock train’s next stop likely to be the Kongo

Dave Meltzer revealed that Cheick Kongo is the current front runner for a fight against Brock Lesnar. He also threw Mark Coleman under the bus at the same time, declaring “The basic story is this…Coleman really doesn’t want the fight.”

I have no idea why it was necessary to say that. It’s not like there were hordes of fans waiting with baited breath on the reason why Brock vs Coleman wasn’t being rebooked. Those of us with brains understood that the fight was already bordering on elder abuse BEFORE Brock punched a 240 pound dude so hard he flipped and rolled across the octagon like he was in the Cirque du Soleil. Those of us with a brain understood that Lesnar vs Coleman was the Kimbo vs Tank of the UFC and now that Lesnar has proven that he can hang with UFC vets the fight is no longer useful.

Anyways, I’m happy that Coleman didn’t want the fight … it proves that there really is something to that whole age / wisdom correlation. A few years back, Coleman was out there thinking he was gonna beat Fedor, for God’s sake. We all saw what happened there. And even though his daughters are older now, they’re still young enough for him to scar further if he shows up looking like he was blown by a cannon through a sledgehammer factory.

So good for Coleman, he’s not delusional anymore. Now Kongo? Talking about a title shot after 4 decisions and one virgin bash = delusional. Have fun with Brock!