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Brock still pissed over Mir loss

Looks like Brock Lesnar is still sore over how Steve Mazzagatti fucked him out of an easy win against Frank Mir:

Citing Mazzagatti’s officiating in Lesnar’s UFC debut against Frank Mir in February, attorneys David Olsen and Brian Stegeman made their aversion to the referee’s presence known at a regularly scheduled NSAC meeting. The attorneys claimed Mazzagatti was “involved in what we believe was a controversial ruling in connection with the Mir-Lesnar fight.” They asked that Mazzagatti be removed from consideration for the UFC 91 main event to avoid “distraction” and “any further controversy.”

My brain is like mush so I can’t even recall specifically what I thought of the whole situation at the time. I do remember that it was a pretty borderline action stoppage and Mazzagatti literally saved Mir from losing with the call. So I suppose I can’t blame Lesnar for being pissed, justified or not.

Of course, trying to get an athletic commission to admit any kind of fault is nigh impossible, so the NSAC backed up Mazzagatti and said he did a ‘terrific job’. They did however decide to assign Mario Yamasaki to the Lesnar / Couture fight instead. I’m down with Mario for this one … he usually lets fights go on way too long, which you might see as bad for Randy Couture but I see as an advantage. If Brock beats Randy, it’ll be because he beats Randy … not because of a pussy ass premature stoppage. There might not be much of Randy left over afterwards, but hey … that’s why these guys get paid the big bucks.