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Brock Lesnar wants to do Wrestlemania

Remember after Brock’s last fight how the Undertaker was waiting for him outside the cage ready to cut a promo for a hypothetical Wrestlemania match? Dana shot down the idea of Brock returning to the WWE before it got a chance to get too much media traction but unfortunately for him, he didn’t squash the idea before Vince MacMahon managed to get a $ figure with seven figures across to Brock.

Now Dave Meltzer reports that Brock wants to do the one-off show. This is the same Brock that the UFC hasn’t been able to get on the phone lately.

On the surface, it seems like there’s a lot of opportunity to be had via this stupidity. Perhaps Dana can leverage permission to fight at Wrestlemania into a TUF gig from Brock, say some. Others think the UFC is having a hard enough time just getting Lesnar back into the cage, and a game of chicken could result in no Brock for Wrestlemania or the UFC.

Personally, I say fine by me. Dana didn’t let the best fighter on the planet fight outside the organization, so why should a 4-2 wonder like Brock Lesnar get to play by different rules? Sure, wrasslin’ isn’t boxing, but in a way it’s worse: not only does it blur the lines between MMA and fake fighting, it opens up the door for other guys on the roster to stage mini-rebellions of their own for whatever dumb but lucrative reasons happen to pop up.

Dana says he’s all about team players, and Lesnar is definitely one of those. Unfortunately, he plays for Team Brock and everyone else can fuck off. Fortunately, Team Dana has a similar philosophy, and it’s roster is made up of Dana plus the entire Zuffa legal team.