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Brock Lesnar on the P4P list?

Yahoo released another top 10 ranking list today and Brock Lesnar is getting close to being on it. But this isn’t the heavyweight top ten list. This is the pound for pound list. Steve from MMA Convert sums up my thoughts:

Isn’t the point of pound-for-pound rankings to determine who the best fighters are irrespective of weight? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to bash Lesnar here, but isn’t the primary reason why he’s winning fights at the top of his weight class because of his size coupled with his speed and athleticism? In this day and age, the sport has evolved to the point where the best fighters in the world are all well-rounded. Guys like Matt Hughes who are dominant in one aspect of the game don’t necessarily dominate inside the cage anymore. If you take Brock’s size away, what do you have left? Basically, a one-dimensional fighter. Sure, you can say, well, he dropped both Heath Herring and Randy Couture with a right hand, but isn’t that more a testament to his reach and power than it is to his technical boxing skills? Brock’s striking is better than I anticipated, but he’s no where near the level of anyone you’ll see in any reasonable pound-for-pound list. And his jiu-jitsu, well, do I really need to say anything about that?

Fact of the matter is, if he was the same size as any of the world’s best fighters, does anyone really think he would stand a chance?

I pretty much ignore top ten lists and instead subscribe to a Zorgon The Wet approach to rankings. People might think that idea is stupid, but pound for pound lists are even dumber. Figure this: you have to imagine some whacked out universe where all fighters are shrunk or grown to the same weight limit as their opponents and imagine how the fights would then turn out. How stupid is that? I figure most people simply use the pound for pound list to measure the accomplishments of each fighter and compare between weight classes. I’m down with that, and while Brock beating Randy was a pretty big deal, one fight isn’t enough to get him anywhere near my big list of awesome dudes.

Although if Zorgon did show up and he wanted to fight a heavyweight, I might consider Brock. It all depends on Zorgon’s ground skills.